From Cheddar to Brie, Cheese of the Month Clubs Are The Way To Go!

Recently a group of good friends and I formed “Wine Tasting Parties” as a reason to hold a monthly get together. After working a full-time job, and some of us trying to raise a family, it can be hard to make time for long-lost friends. At these parties we decide upon one region as the theme, such as France, Italy, Spain or Napa Valley. After the region is decided upon each person, or couple, in attendance will purchase a bottle of wine from the corresponding Country to bring to the wine tasting party. Now comes the good part – the food (especially the cheese!)

At every party I have been too there has always been a wide selection of cheeses to nibble on. You can find me hovering around the cheese platter for much of the party. Honestly, I think cheese is one my very favorite foods and I can think of no better gift than Cheese of the Month Clubs. I had not heard of these until recently, but when I did I was so excited!

The price range is from very reasonable to quite expensive – it just depends on the amount of cheeses you want and the number of months you would like to receive the cheeses. One club that offers reasonable prices and option plans of 4 months, 6 months or 12 months delivers a hefty 1.5 pounds of cheese per month! That’s a lot of cheese but I’m sure I could handle it. Cheddar, swiss, brie and aged Gruyere are just a few of the selections. They also offer more exotic cheeses such as Taleggio, Plave Vecchio and Cashel Blue.

Cheese of the Month Clubs also offer “Pair of the Month” which strives to provide the most delicious pairings for a year of happy eating. Each month these providers will send a seasonal cheese and its perfect pairing match. From gourmet chocolates to sweet and savory chutneys 달리는토끼 or floral honey and fruit preserves the club will do all the work for you. This is the perfect gift for the wine enthusiasts in your life as they will never run out of accoutrements.

Cheese of the Month Clubs are a great way to incorporate deliciousness with good old-fashioned gift giving. I love giving and also receiving edible gifts. Many people find edible gifts are a great way to say I love you, and cheese is a dreamy, creamy gift that you can never go wrong with!

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